Sci-Fi FF: Green Woman, The

Science Fiction Film Festival 2022: THE GREEN WOMAN + short films LEFT BEHIND, RESTART, PIT STOP. Includes a filmmaker introduction.

THE GREEN WOMAN – Directed by Kestra Nebula.
Rommy is an unsuccessful alcoholic writer whose relationship is falling apart. When he begins to suspect that his partner is having an affair, THE GREEN WOMAN appears to Rommy. However, it is not long before she begins to make demands, inspiring him to do things...strange things...

Screens with short films:
PIT STOP – Directed by Dermott Fairfield.
A robot mechanic's workday is interrupted by an agitated alien crash landing outside his shop, demanding the robot fix the damaged ship.

LEFT BEHIND – Directed by Montepulciano Callen.
A priest tries one last time to convert his brother, to save him from his dying farm.

RESTART – Directed by Zev Howley.
With her eyes always on her phone counting likes and shares, Samantha doesn't notice the beauty and opportunity that surrounds her. Until a mysterious stranger offers her a different perspective on life…
Friday, 26th August

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Commences Friday, 26 Aug 2022
Rating M
Genre Sci-Fi
Running Time 102
New & Noteworthy
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