M (Director: Vardan Tozija)
In a secluded forest, Marko lives under the watchful eye of his overprotective and mysterious father. An encounter with Miko, a kind-hearted boy with Down Syndrome, brings a glimmer of warmth and connection into Marko's isolated world, as well as a new yearning to uncover the secrets that lie beyond the confines of the wilderness. But when a fateful turn of events grants him his wish sooner than expected, Marko’s journey becomes one of unknown dangers and, ultimately, a glimpse into a world forever changed.

Screens with shirt film LIGHTS (Světla / Director: Jitka Nemikinsová | 9 mins) Lightbulbs are throwing a party for young flames, to welcome them into the system that will let them shine while protecting them. But one flame likes to play with fire, and rebels against the system.
Rating E
Genre Sci-Fi
Running Time 109
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