TFF: Global Thermostat

Presented by: The United Nations association of Australia (VIC) and the United Nations association of Australia young professionals.

Film screening followed by expert panel discussion with the United Nations Association of Australia and guests.

A probing exploration of the cutting-edge, grand-scale proposals to combat global warming by radically interfering with our climate. Are large-scale modifications of the earth's climate our best hope at avoiding catastrophe? Global Thermostat explores the best man-made interventions, their potential impacts, and their inherent risks for us all.

With climate change accelerating at rates worse than most scientist’s ‘worst-case’ scenarios, ‘irreversible tipping points’ looming on the horizon, and carbon emissions continuing to rise, it is becoming clear that radical solutions may quickly become necessary if we are going to avoid the worst climate impacts.

As the threats of climate change accelerates exponentially so does the rate of technological innovation. Geo-engineering and the large-scale modification of the earth's climate, is no longer science fiction.

Leading scientists from across the world are researching, developing and testing ground-breaking technologies with the hope to, not only slow climate change, but to reverse it.

From artificial tree forests to giant mirrors that reflect sunlight, there is no innovation too large or wild to consider.

But what are the potential impacts of dramatically altering systems that we don’t understand, and who will make these life-defining decisions on behalf of the entire human race?

With the world currently on track for 3 - 4 degrees of warming, Global Thermostat explores the visions and technologies that may offer hope for reversing climate change, their potential risks, and why some options might be better than others.

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Rating E
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 53
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