Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe + Garlic Is As Good As

And now for something completely different: a double feature of two rarely screened short documentaries from celebrated filmmaker Les Blank, each with their own unique Scented Cinema interactivity.

In WERNER HERZOG EATS HIS SHOE, Herzog makes a bet which results in his being forced to eat his own shoe. Savor ‘mouthwatering’ flavors as his footwear is prepared to perfection with a concoction of duck fat, onions, herbs and more in this celebration of independent cinema.

Exploring the culinary and the cultural, GARLIC IS AS GOOD AS TEN MOTHERS is a vibrant ode to the ‘stinking rose’ – from soup all the way to dessert – suggesting that those who embrace its pungent delights will grasp life more fully.

Screening followed by a live Q&A with scent designers Jas Brooks (Snivure, USA) and Tammy Burnstock (Scented Storytelling, Australia).

Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 75
Show Times

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