Winter Kills

45th ANNIVERSARY! Passionately endorsed by Quentin Tarantino, WINTER KILLS is a rediscovered conspiracy classic starring Jeff Bridges, Anthony Perkins, John Huston and Sterling Hayden. When released in 1979, WINTER KILLS proved to be so audacious that audiences struggled to suspend their disbelief. Forty five years later it has grown more prescient and entertaining than the original creators could have imagined, making it one of the great unsung films of the era.

Nick Keegan, the half-brother of a US President assassinated while in-office, is introduced to a man claiming he was one of the two men hired to do the shooting - exonerating the lone gunman who was charged with the crime. Revealing the man's story to his wealthy father, Keegan begins to try and get to the bottom of who was actually behind the murder of a sitting President.

Awarded 4 out of 4 stars by in a 2023 review, it was recently called "the perfect conspiracy thriller for the QAnon Era" by Rolling Stone.

Rating M
Genre Thriller
Running Time 97
Show Times

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