Pretty In Pink + Footloose

DOUBLE BILL! Tom Cruise is the biggest movie star on the planet, international tensions between Russia and the USA continue to escalate and Kate Bush is topping the music charts. If ever there was a time to revisit two of Paramount Pictures’ biggest hits from the 1980s, it’s now.

John Hughes writes and produces PRETTY IN PINK, a high school romance of an awkward working class teenager (Molly Ringwald) torn between her childhood sweetheart (Jon Cryer) and a rich but sensitive playboy (Andrew McCarthy).

Kevin Bacon gives a star-making performance as Ren, a teenager from the big city who moves to a small midwestern town with his family in FOOTLOOSE. Ren is in for a culture shock when he discovers that both rock music and dancing have been outlawed by overzealous local preacher Reverend Moore (John Lithgow), who also happens to be the father of his high school crush.

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Rating M
Genre Drama
Running Time 204
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