Cinema Fiasco

Cinema Fiasco is a comedy show showcasing bad movies on the big screen with hilarious live commentary by film buff comedians Geoff Wallis and Janet A. McLeod. The movie plays as per usual with the soundtrack intact, Geoff and Janet just chip in at salient points. Sounds fun? It is. Bad movies are a guilty pleasure and one that should never be enjoyed alone. You'll laugh! You'll scream! You'll wonder who put up the money to make this crap. But best of all you'll realise how important nudity, explosions and gorilla suits are to the world of cinema. And what a joyful sight to behold they are. Please note: Janet and Geoff talk all the way through the movies they present, but the movies are so bad that you’ll be glad, for once, that there are people talking in the cinema.

Cinema Fiasco: Invasion of the Bee Girls

Opening Date: Friday, 8 Dec 2017

A spate of mysterious deaths in a small California community is investigated by an FBI agent who discovers the victims, all male, have been exhausted to death during sex. The culprit behind these shenanigans is a queen bee in human form who transforms frumpy housewives into glamorous bee girls and ... more

Dec 8th, 2017

Cinema Fiasco: New Year's Evil

Opening Date: Friday, 12 Jan 2018

Diane Sullivan is a new wave punk singer and the host of a televised New Year’s Eve rock concert. During the broadcast, she starts receiving phone calls from a serial killer whose evil plan is to kill someone every time the clock strikes midnight in each American time zone. Guess ... more

Jan 12th, 2018

Cinema Fiasco: Konga

Opening Date: Friday, 9 Feb 2018

The only thing that excites Cinema Fiasco’s hosts more than a man in a gorilla suit is Michael Gough at his scenery-chewing best and, in KONGA, you get the best of both worlds. Lost in the jungles of Africa (after a hilariously staged plane crash), a mad scientist discovers a ... more

Feb 9th, 2018