Commando + Predator

DOUBLE BILL! It's a dangerous double feature of early Arnie action!

Schwarzenegger's first above-the-title starring role following the break-out success of 1984's The Terminator, COMMANDO is quintessential bone-crunching 80s action to the max! We could tell you all about how he's a retired special forces colonel whose daughter is kidnapped by a bunch of bad guys but that plot has become such a trope (*cough* Taken *cough*) that it's not worth mentioning. What IS worth saying is that Mark J. Lester's actioner is full of in-camera stunts, car chases, sets that are torn apart and all-round non-stop kinetic thrills.

“Get to the [cinema]!” Witness the testosterone filled action horror powerhouse that is the original PREDATOR on the big screen. Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his band of over-the-top 80s commandos (including Carl Weathers) are hunted by the world’s most dangerous predator: the… Predator (not the most innovative name ever now to think of it). Armed with sheer will power, one-liners, and biceps, the team must find a way to outsmart the extraterrestrial warrior.
Sunday, 21st August

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Commences Sunday, 21 Aug 2022
Rating R18+
Genre Action
Running Time 197
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