MDFF Shorts Session 5


For the last quarter century, Houston native Arden Eversmeyer journeyed across the country to record hundreds of oral "herstories" with a mostly invisible population that is rapidly disappearing. OLD LESBIANS honours Arden's legacy by animating the resilient, joyful voices she preserved in the Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project, from first crush to first love, from the closet to coming out, and finally from loss to connection.


Made for queer people and their allies, 'My First Time' takes an unfiltered and heartfelt look at unforgettable first universal queer experiences from members from Australia’s LGBTQ+ community.

The cast includes those who have been commemorated for their own 'firsts' - DQ, who was present at Australia's first Pride protest in 1978 (now known as Mardi Gras); Kween Kong, RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under runner up; and Katherine Wolfgramme, who set a legal precedent in her country of birth by being the first to legally change her name.

Through their stories, we gain an insight into how pivotal their 'first times' were, while turning them into an unforgettable journey. It’s a series that will warm your heart, make you laugh out loud, and at times reach for the tissue box


The journey of a young man's transition from coming out to the present day, medically and socially transitioned. A documentary-styled narrative surrounding the struggles of being trans and the sheer happiness of coming out and living by your true self.


In Buddhism, Heterosexual and Homosexual attractions are both seen as originating from ignorance and attachment to physical desires. From the pressure of the society, riddled with tags and prejudices, to the pain of not being understood by family, Horis navigates diverse forms of oppression.

THE END IS THE BEGINNING IS THE END is a portrait of Horis Chen. Here, she sees homosexuality through the lens of Buddhism, introducing a Eastern approach that all beings are equal regardless of gender or sexual orientation, to understand homosexuality in a new way.

The journey toward equality is for everyone. Horis, as one of the many individuals on this journey, contributes to a more equal and inclusive future through her story.

FEMME (16m)

A short film exploring what it means to be a queer femme person in modern Australia.

What are some of the unique challenges femme people face?

What are some of the beautiful parts?

This short, colourful doco offers a look into life as a femme person through the perspectives of 13 queer people.

Produced and directed by delsi - a queer femme party creator and owner of the LGBTQIA+ community organisation, Unicorns.


SYSTEM ERRORS delves into the diverse experiences of online sex workers. Seeking to humanise those who are frequently dehumanised by societal norms.

15m Q&A post-film.

Commences Sunday, 28 Jul 2024
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 143
Show Times
Sunday, 28th July

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