Shorts Session 3

Plus Q&A

19 mins
By Reily Archer-Whelan

In an attempt to improve human life, we have been blind to the health of the planet. Hundreds of species are going extinct each day. What does this mean for the future of humanity? From the smallest building blocks to the biggest bulldozers, The Last Extinction investigates the cascading effect of damaging the earth’s vital ecological balance and ponders on the future survival for mankind.

14 mins
By Angus McDonald

Hundreds of innocent refugees and asylum seekers faced more than six years captivity at the hands of the Australian Federal Government on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea: isolated, separated from their families and losing hope of ever being freed to start their lives over. Secretly captured footage enabled them to tell their stories.

By Diana Fisk
28 mins

Two women on the opposite side of a diagnosis, True Vision is an exploration of how people deal with unexpected obstacles in their lives, and the perceptions that go hand in hand with diagnosis and disability.

By Chris Franklin
15 mins

When Australian documentary photographer Andrew Chapman was invited to the Austin Hospital in Melbourne to photograph open heart surgery for TIME magazine, the transplant team in the operating theatre next door invited him to photograph them as well. Little did he know, this same surgical team would be saving his life 17 years later.

By Mayeta Clark
9 mins
Bernard Tipiloura has a dream: to bring back the once-famous canoe festival between Bathurst and Melville Islands. We follow Bernard as he sets about trying to build a canoe with a group of young men in Wurrumiyanga. Bernard reminisces about the past, and tells us his vision for the future.

By Orit Novak
21 mins
The story of Chinese Australian dancer Chengwu Guo, who at the age of 10 was thrown into the strict and rigorous training world of the Beijing Dance Academy. Whilst enduring long periods of time away from his family and being subjected to harsh training methods, Chen was moulded into a highly talented and daring artist. After winning a prestigious competition he migrated to Australia at the age of 16, quickly rising through the ranks to become one of Australia’s most highly acclaimed principal dancers. Now after meeting his partner Ako (also principal dancer of the Australian Ballet) and riding a continual wave of success he must face one of his greatest challenges yet; a career threatening injury that could force him to quit performing forever. Will this injury stop Chen, one of Australia’s best dancers, from reaching his physical and artistic peak?

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Rating E
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 97
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