Cinema Fiasco: New Year's Evil

Diane Sullivan is a new wave punk singer and the host of a televised New Year’s Eve rock concert. During the broadcast, she starts receiving phone calls from a serial killer whose evil plan is to kill someone every time the clock strikes midnight in each American time zone. Guess who his intended victim is for Eastern Time? Yet another 80s slasher movie with a special night of the year as its theme, this is distinguished by the fabulous rock acts on the TV show and perhaps the cinema’s first ever death by marijuana baggie. Roz Kelly (Pinkie Tuscadero on “Happy Days”) and 70s disaster movie stalwart Kip Niven head a cast of equally distinguished players.

Cinema Fiasco presents movies with live commentary. If you want to see this movie without humorous interruptions you should go seek an alternative presentation – and medical advice.

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Rating M
Genre Cult Film
Running Time 85
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