Dirt Music

Based on the bestselling novel by Tim Winton, Gregor Jordan (Two Hands, Buffalo Soldiers) directs a moving drama starring Kelly Macdonald (Trainspotting), Garret Hedlund (Mudbound) and David Wenham (Lion). Featuring original music by Julia Stone.

Georgie Jutland (Macdonald) is barely holding it together these days without a drink. Once a nurse, now she’s trapped in the backwater fishing port of White Point with local crayfish baron, Jim Buckridge (Wenham) and his two sons. One hazy night she sees the lone figure of Lu Fox (Hedlund) appear in the mists of the bay. A long time ago he was a dirt musician, but now he survives as a poacher - an unwise choice given Jim’s iron-grip on the local fishing trade. Georgie is instantly drawn to Lu, and the pair begin an intense affair. What Georgie doesn’t realise is that the Foxes and the Buckridges have a long, murky history.
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Rating M
Genre Drama
Running Time 105
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