It All Started with a Stale Sandwich

From acclaimed filmmaker Samantha Lang (The Monkey’s Mask / The Well) comes an intimate documentary fresh off the back of rave reviews from the Sydney Film Festival. This insightful documentary is a celebration of the 50-year history of Kaldor Public Art Projects which has featured work from artists including Christo, Mariana Abramovic, Jeff Koons, and Gilbert & George. 50 years ago, Sydneysiders were shocked by Christo's wrapping of the Little Bay coastline. Hungarian migrant and entrepreneur John Kaldor, who initiated this monumental work, has said “it all started with a stale sandwich, in Christo's studio in 1968 New York.” Now, Project 34 (by Asad Raza) is about to be unveiled, and UK artist Michael Landy is designing an exhibition to celebrate 50 years of Kaldor Public Art Projects.

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Rating M
Genre To Be Advised
Running Time 98
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