MDFF His Name is Ray + Fight for Safety + My Name

HIS NAME IS RAY puts a face on the growing homelessness and opioid crises. After special presentations at TIFF and HOT DOCS.

Ray once had everything. A job that he loved with the Coast Guard. The father to a family. But his addiction took it all away. Now, the former sailor lives on the streets of Toronto with an entire population that seems to have just fallen through the cracks.

With a remarkably compassionate and intimate lens, the audience follows Ray on his precarious journey to get off the streets and back on the water, where—in the ultimate achievement of the oblivion he craves—he could just sail away from it all.

Short films to play before feature:

A FIGHT FOR SAFETY (Dir: Callum Pritchard, 13m)

A FIGHT FOR SAFETY is an educational and exploratory film about the conversation on controversial services designed to support the safe use and consumption of illicit substances. Many people forming opinions on supervised injecting and pill testing facilities/services do so by exclusively engaging with mainstream media coverage, often tending to foster problematic narratives and perpetuating stigmatised attitudes. In a similar fashion, many people have so little knowledge of the presence of these services that their opinions are simply ill-informed. With these in mind, the film will outwardly contest the broad societal stigma surrounding, and educate audiences on; important drug reform strategies through interviews with key members of this public support network.


Jack had a successful career as an Anaesthetist but behind closed doors he struggled with his own drug addiction. This is his story.

20m Q&A post-film.

Commences Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 104
Show Times
Tuesday, 23rd July

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