MDFF Wangany Mala + Glossary of an Empty Orchestra

Hundreds of years before European colonies were established on the Australian continent, First Nations were part of a trading network that extended to China’s Qing Dynasty. Indonesian ‘Makassan’ fishing fleets harvested trepang (sea cucumber) for six months of every year with the local Nations of northern Australia. By 1907 the trade was ended by colonial authorities.

WANGANY MALA follows the journey of Nirmala in South Sulawesi as she works on the construction of a traditional pinisisailboat and discovers her region’s ongoing connections to Marege’ – the Makassan name for Arnhem Land. Filmed over five years in collaboration with Anindilyakwa and Yolŋgu communities, this documentary is set to a soundtrack by experimental Melbourne composer Fia Fiell, and features rarely seen footage, photographs and artwork.Yolŋu, English, Amamalya Ayakwa (Anindilyakwa, Groote Eylandt), Bahasa Indonesia, and Coastal Konjo (South Sulawesi) languages.

A filmmaker and cast Q&A moderated by ABC Radio's Ali Moore will follow this feature.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Short film to play before feature:

In GLOSSARY OF AN EMPTY ORCHESTRA, by Mika Ogai the boundaries between reality, memories and dreams are temporarily dissolved in order to parallel the film-maker’s internal sense of liminality as a ‘hāfu’ (half-Japanese, half-Australian). Drawing on Japanese folklore, memories of the past, and contemporary anxieties, the narrator journeys across her father’s hometown of Sōma, Fukushima, in search of a language that can temporarily capture such liminal entities, including herself.

Commences Sunday, 21 Jul 2024
Rating E
Genre Documentary
Running Time 82
Show Times
Sunday, 21st July
Tuesday, 23rd July

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