Sci-Fi FF: International Shorts

Science Fiction Film Festival 2022: International Shorts. LIFECELL, BYGONE, PARROT & ASTRONAUT, MADELEINE, THE DROWNED, TEACHER, TECH SUPPORT, GOLEM. Victorian premiere sreenings!

BYGONE – Directed by Mickey Tetrov, Spain.
A young woman awakens in an apocalyptic, deserted world and experiences a looming presence.

LIFECELL – Directed by Tyler Mann, US.
In a dystopian future where everyone is powered by batteries, Jace and Em decide to risk everything at the hope of a better future.

THE ASTRONAUT AND HIS PARROT – Directed by Arati Kadav, India.
As he tumbles through space, an astronaut tries to teach the family parrot a message for his daughter.

MADELEINE – Directed by Alain Kulmburg, France.
When family heirlooms evoke trauma from her youth, a young woman uses a new technology to relive her memories simply by touching the old objects.

THE DROWNED – Directed by Adam Park, UK.
With a mysterious orb guiding her, a lone survivor navigates the landscape for signs of food, shelter, anything…or anyone.

TEACHER – Directed by Xiaoting Zhong, China.
A shell-shocked survivor and a robot built for war meet amidst the rubble of a destroyed city - but become the starting point of a new civilization.

TECH SUPPORT – Directed by Carl Hansen, US.
A technician answers a call to fix a scientist's hard drive, only to find that the scientist has inextricably been trapped inside his computer.

GOLEM – Directed by Rafael Macazaga, Mexico.
Cristina must perform for an important agent but her only companion is a clumsy, robot named Golem, with no acting experience.

Sunday, 28th August

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Commences Sunday, 28 Aug 2022
Rating MA15+
Genre Sci-Fi
Running Time 107
New & Noteworthy
Closed Caption eNews Privilege Monthly Matinee NT Live met First Nations Acknowledgement