Shiva Baby


Ever been trapped at a claustrophobic family event? A particular sort of unpleasantness in itself, for sure, but then add “running into your sugar daddy along with his wife and baby” in there, with a serve of “ex-girlfriend” and “very involved parents” and you’ve got a) a powder keg and b) the plot of SHIVA BABY. Set at a shiva, a Jewish occasion of mourning after a death, we follow the increasingly flustered Danielle (Rachel Sennott), a bisexual woman dealing with the ultimate familial social event nightmare. With the tension swiftly heightening and the situation becoming more and more ridiculous, Danielle becomes so tightly wound things seem bound to explode. 

Writer-director Emma Seligman has crafted a darkly hilarious, single-location situational dramedy that keeps you guessing (and stressing) at every turn. Nominated for Best Narrative Feature at SXSW.

Rating M
Genre Comedy
Running Time 77
Show Times

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