30th ANNIVERSARY! The high-adrenaline thriller that transformed Keanu Reeves into a major movie star, Jan de Bont's action hit is almost as iconic as the similarly claustrophobic 1988 classic Die Hard. A blockbuster hit that surpassed all expectations upon release, revisit this Oscar winning thriller as it explodes back onto the screen for its 30th Anniversary. To paraphrase Billy Idol on the soundtrack, “SPEED is what I need!!”

Los Angeles SWAT officer Jack Traven (Reeves) is unwittingly drawn into a cat-and-mouse game by sadistic extortionist Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) when Payne's ransom attempt goes awry. Taking his revenge on Traven and the city at-large, Payne threatens to blow up a commuter bus (carrying Sandra Bullock, Alan Ruck and other innocent commuters) if he isn't paid what he believes he is due.
Commences Thursday, 15 Aug 2024
Rating M
Genre Action
Running Time 116
Show Times
Thursday, 15th August
Friday, 16th August
Saturday, 17th August
Sunday, 18th August
Wednesday, 21st August

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