Twilight: Suck It and See

Retrospective cult screening and panel discussion: Does Twilight really suck?

With Kristen Stewart within arms’ reach of Oscar gold and Robert Pattinson about to don the Batsuit, it’s well past time to revisit the cultural-sensation-slash-punching-bag that took the world by storm – let’s rewatch TWILIGHT!

Join our coven - author & screenwriter Maria Lewis, teen screen expert & podcast host Dr Athena Bellas, Nova CEO & industry guru Kristian Connelly and feral Gen Z host Lucy – for a deep dive into the low budget indie that became a global phenomenon. Then, settle in and gird your loins for a screening of the film.

Why were millions of women drawn in by a sparkly, sexless boomer? Is K-Stew’s moody performance an awkward trainwreck or brooding genius? Why is this film so darn blue? What could indie auteur Catherine Hardwicke have done with the rest of the series? And maybe, just maybe…is TWILIGHT actually good?
Rating M
Genre Cult Film
Running Time 122
Show Times

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