Q&A Screening: Friday Jan 26, 5.00pm + Sunday Jan 28, 5.00pm. Post-film discussion with First Nations activist Professor Gary Foley.

It’s fifty years since four men sat under a beach umbrella in Canberra and dubbed it the Tent Embassy. Over the course of that momentous year filmmaker Alessandro Cavadini shot NINGLA-A'NA with the people who were creating the embassy, the Aboriginal Medical service, the Legal Service, and the National Black Theatre. It was an unforgettable year - and he made an unforgettable film: NINGLA-A'NA

Fifty years later the film was almost lost forever until a crowd funding project financed the restoration of the original negative. With this new restoration and soundtrack, the film returns to cinemas to be seen by a new audience and for an older generation to remember.

Rating PG
Genre Documentary
Running Time 76
Show Times

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